I just noticed that I've got over 300 Cyberspace Collaborators now and that is SO so SO so SO energizing. Thank you for stopping by the Corner for your daily dose of InSpIrAtIoN and MoTiVaTiOn!

Look at the visual garden that I get to gander at every time I leave my office!

Photo of Braille bulletin board

It's for our students with visual impairments; in the middle of the flowers are sight words . . . in braille!

It's beautiful to the touch!

Switching senses, have you seen this clip from Britain's Got Talent in which nine-year-old Malaki Paul gets overcome with fear and starts to cry? The cool part is what happens when his mom and one of the judges go onto the stage to comfort and coach him. Grab your tissues, turn up your speakers and prepare to LISTEN!

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  1. Barbara,

    You can't be doing this to me! :) I've always been tenderhearted, and it's definitely getting worse with age. So glad I watched this video in the privacy of my home with NOBODY around so that I didn't make a complete sobbing fool of myself! :)


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