Paint The World With CharACTer!

Goodness there's a LOT going on today!  First, I'm celebrating with Valerie over at All Students Can Shine cause it's her blog birthday.  
I've donated an author-signed copy of Carol McCloud's 
Have You Filled A Bucket Today? so head that way for a chance to win the book and some other really cool stuff!

Next, I am officially finished decorating my back-to-school bulletin boards! At last count, I have done ten of them in my school. It's just that I cannot stand to see a pitiful blank board, so if it appears they're not going to get decorated, I adopt them. Here's one of my creations from yesterday morning:

Photo of Fish School Bulletin Board
Yes, I put the word DIFFERENT upside down on purpose!
This next one has a pretty cool story behind it. 
I wanted to add paint palettes so that I could post some values onto my 
Paint The World With CharACTer board I was making. My friend Terri did the brush for me and it was all coming together when I got the brainstorm that Michelle from The 3am Teacher blog would be perfect for the palettes. She's so talented! So on Wednesday, the day before our families were coming to Meet & Greet, I shot her an email request and she asked what color for the palettes and I said white and she said sure

Then on Thursday morning I woke up to a note that said she had a sample white one for me, but was also throwing in this fun zebra-print, just in case. Michelle had NO way of knowing this, but our new Principal has been using the zebra to represent initiative because when the safari animals come upon a river that might be fraught with crocodiles, it's the zebra who will typically decide that the benefit is worth the risk and take the initiative to cross through the waters. Of course, I went with the zebra print and here's the visually-vibrant finished product:

Photo of Paint the World With Character board

Click {here} to purchase those Paint-Me-Pretty Palettes from TpT.

Finally, I interviewed author Kathleen T. Pelley on Blog Talk Radio on my lunch break today. Listen here to hear what a blessing this author and artist is!

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  1. TEN bulletin boards??? You are amazing -- full of ideas and compassion for those sad, blank bulletin boards! It was so fun to hear your voice on BTR!!!

  2. WOW Barbara!!! I had enough trouble and needed help with 1 sad bulletin Board!! You are so creative and imaginative!! Your energy seems boundless!!! I love all of the great ideas that you share!!! It was a nice interview too!!


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