Uncommonly Good

Have you seen this Keebler commercial? After watching it, my teenager reasoned aloud: If everyone WERE uncommonly good, then it would actually be commonly good!  We can only imagine . . . 

Source:  Keebler - Uncommonly Good from Buck on Vimeo.

Another uncommonly good thing for educators is the virtual corkboard we've come to know and love called Pinterest . . . maybe you're familiar with it? Well, Debbie over at Rainbows Within Reach is having an Edu-Pinners link up (and Curls and a Smile joined in) so that all of our education pin boards are in one handy location. 

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  1. Good grief at all the pinterest links-I need to take a leave of absence from school, and it hasn't even started yet to check all of this out!! :)



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