Daily Character Activities Books

Just look at what I got in the mail this week from Carson-Dellosa;
I love this company.

Photo of Daily Character Education Activities
Click image for more info on the book for grades 4-5.

Do you know about these Daily Character Education Activities books? Written by Becky Daniel White, they're the most comprehensive resource books I've come across for a long time. And it's not like they're 
newly released, just new to me. 
Why haven't I seen these before?

OK, so the set-up is brilliant. There's a monthly letter to go home to establish that critical home-school connection. The note details what the class will be doing week by week in that monthly unit. And here's the cool part - the letter includes the lyrics to a song! It's the same song each month throughout the whole year, but each month a new verse is introduced, 
encouraging the families to sing together. 
How cool is that?

For the classrooms, there are five suggestions per week, one per day. Say the value is respect. On Monday, for example, there's a check-it-out lesson to get kids to think about respect. On Tuesday, there'll be a try-it-out prompt. On Wednesday, a take-it-out activity, and so on. Thursday's talk-it-out is followed by Friday's act-it-out. These activity quick and easy ideas look totally engaging. They'd easily integrate into the curriculum in language arts, writing, or social studies. 
Use them to enhance your morning meeting. 

In the back of these books, there's a list of illustrated picture books that some of the activities are based on, but if you don't have copies of those particular books, many of them could easily be substituted with titles you already have on your shelves.
Or write a grant to get the suggested titles.

Check out these books; whether you've already got a character education program in place or you're just starting out, 
I think you'll agree that they will 
add value to your character building.

It's the last Sunday of the month and you know what that means? Head over to Making It As A Middle School Teacher to check out Michelle's new look and my guest post with an engaging activity 

for students or staff on 
breaking down these stereotypes!


  1. www.waunakee.k12.wi.us/faculty/jhoward/jo.cfmSeptember 30, 2012 at 7:29 AM

    Yes, we have been using them in my school the last few years. Many of the classroom teaches have used these for activities to build community. Another thing we took from one of these was a daily writing prompt. We then created a daily oral language character education book.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation Barbara.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Of course I have to track these books down.
    (And I love the "add a verse to the song" idea.)

    AND I need to hop over to Making It As A Middle School Teacher because my class specializes in stereotypes--so I bet we could use this idea too!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful resource, Barbara...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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