Character Is Our Super Power!

Happy October, our healthy choices month. Not only is it 
National Fire Safety month, National Book month, and 
National Bullying Prevention month, but it's also a time to celebrate 
Red Ribbon and National Character Counts! Week
How will that look in your school?

photo of Six Pillar banners

Our month actually kicks off tomorrow with our favorite ventriloquist Dennis Lee. If you've never seen him or his work, you must check him out {here}. This year's show, Banana Soup, designed to get kids to listen, look, and lift UP, promises to be as engaging and entertaining as ever. Just look at his adorable ad:

Our theme for the week of October 22-26, 
Character Is Our Super Power, 
will be felt throughout the week's activities and mementoes that we send home with our little super heroes. Won't our pledge poster look cool with a thousand-plus signatures?

We'll have some creative dress-up days weaving in the character theme and be treated to a mid-week Character Pep Rally led by our very own FHS Hometown Heroes; we can't wait for the fun to begin! On Thursday, we're hosting a Coffee Chat with the Counselors share strategies with our parents and guardians about elevating empathy. 
Click {here} for a sneak peek at this year's Westwood-Bales plans.

Want more Red Ribbon/Character Counts! Week ideas? Head to HoJo's Teaching Adventures for my guest post about things we've done in the past to celebrate.


  1. Sounds like a great week. Love your theme! Only our upper grades do Red Ribbon week but we do Character Ed Week, even though the week is shortened due to fall break. Our first day is Color our world with Character--we have coloring contests for the kids with pictures like an owl who says "WHOOs got character?; our second day is Character Counts and we all will wear shirts that have numbers on them; our third day is Hats Off to Character and it will be hat day; and our last day is Character is Everywhere and we all wear our school t shirt. We also put foam coffee cups in the fence in front of the school to spell out Character Counts.

  2. Thanks for the guest post! It's already bringing in traffic. :) I'll try to let you know later this week what it has for pageviews, although I could see this being a popular one in google searches for a long time to come! Thanks!!

  3. I love your theme. It's so kid-friendly and powerful all at the same time.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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