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Today I'm excited because I'm guest posting over at Really Good Stuff's Teachers' Lounge. This month I'm showcasing a Character Collage that Kaitlyn and I made together twelve years ago; click {here} to go there for  ideas about how to use this creation as a way to get your students to magnify the really good stuff that they have and goal set about the positive things that they want to be.


  1. Here's just a little question for you Barbara. How do you define the word character to first graders? I figured you would have the answer to that. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Oh, Tammy - that's a GREAT question. We actually start in preK by introducing the word character . . . it's how you ACT. I have a poster that I made with the word ACT in different colors, sometimes I spell it charACTer . . . then we tell them that it's everywhere, all the time, even when nobody's looking. How you act when nobody's watching . . . we tell them that they need character in their head, heart, and hands . . . know the good, love the good, do good things. Systematically. By first grade, they've gotten it pretty well. In preK, it sounds like "nice" or "sweet" - in K they can understand "bucket fillers" or "peacemakers" and by first, they're ready to embrace it and try to DO the good.


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