SOUPer Man

Westwood-Bales Elementary welcomed ventriloquist Dennis Lee yesterday and he spooned up a huge helping of Banana Soup. But this soup, he stressed, is not something you eat, it's something you do
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Mr. Lee and his Funky Monkey Bunch's hour-long performance engaged our learners with his uplifting, joyful recipe for Banana Soup, which includes eyes to look up, ears to listen up and hands to lift up. He reminded our little chefs that when they make Banana Soup, it has to be suitable to share, then he challenged them with an inquiry:  
What ingredients are you putting in your soup?
To thank him for his SOUPer message, we gave Dennis one of our new character Ts with a super hero logo:

If you ever have any extra funds to spend on the most powerful assembly you can find, hands down this is it. Look up Dennis Lee online {here} and get ready for a generous serving of delicious charACTer!


  1. How many extra funds does it take? :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I believe Dennis' shows are about $500 each plus travel, so he did three shows for us for just under $1800.00. BEST money we'll EVER spend : D


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