Imagine Whirled Peace

The peace bell rang yesterday, and it was one of the most
 emotional moments I've had in a very long time:

At the UN, the bell called for a cease fire. At Westwood-Bales, it signified the culmination of a collaboration for peace. In Art class, our craftistas made Pinwheels For Peace. In Music class, our songsters learned We Come To Greet You In Peace in three languages. And in guidance, we talked about what being a Peacemaker looks like, sounds like, and feels like. 
The result? A whirlwind experience for the senses.
Click {here} to see our incredible video montage created by 
Caroline Clarke Photography, set to the song A World of Difference sung by the Houston Children's Choir.

photos of Pinwheels For Peace Sign
Photo by Adam Mann
The Power Of Peace....
photo of Whirled Peace Sign
Photo by Nancy Glaze
Why not give it a whirl next year?


  1. Love the photo. What an inspirational message.

  2. Barbara, Great Pictures!!!! Love the Peace sign!!!!!

  3. Your pinwheels picture is wonderful!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. We put our new IT guy in a truck on the shoulder of the road so that he could get an aerial shot. I think he also took video footage so we can time elapse it .....

  4. Such a wonderful photo and project for your students to participate it! I bet they felt so good afterwards!

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Oh, Stephanie - you should have seen it after school. Parents got OUT of their cars with their kids, who wanted to show them their Pinwheels. It was like an outdoor museum exhibit! Kind of got me teary-eyed all over again.

  5. How beautiful! Such a needed message! Thanks for sharing this!
    Literacy Minute

  6. Wow Barbara! This looks like an amazing event that your school put together! I love the video of the kids doing the sign language and the slideshow of the photos. The pinwheels look incredible. It looks like the children really took their time making them. Thanks for sharing and I will add a link to this post on your guest post!

  7. Do you have any tips as far as creating the peace sign?? I am doing this with my school and I want to try and get a perfect circle if possible.

    1. We decided how big around we wanted it, based on the space we had for it and the 1000 pinwheels that we would have. Then we cut a string half that length and staked it to the middle of the space. We then attached the string to a chalking machine like Little League uses to chalk baselines. Then, we walked in a circle to chalk. Knowing that the Pinwheels would cover up the chalk lines, we just sort of eyeballed the middle and the two legs with the chalk machine. We'd love for you to email a picture when yours are planted!!


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