International Day Of Peace

Happy International Day of Peace. It's another PPBF at Susanna Leonard Hill's blog and I've got the perfect picture book about peace!

Title:  The Peace Book
Author & Illustrator:  Todd Parr
Publisher:  Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Date:  September 8, 2004
Suitable for: grades preK-3 (or higher with extension)
Themes:  peace, behavior
Opening page: Peace is making new friends.
Synopsis: This book is actually a list of things that peace can be.
Why I like this book: Todd Parr books are so brilliantly colorful that they're magically engaging. They are also open-ended and make excellent springboards for discussion or writing prompts. Ask: Do you agree that Peace is making new friends? Tell about a time when you experienced this. Then have students write their own peace is .... sentences to make into a class book. 
Resources: Todd Parr reads The Peace Book (and jokes around about his pizza preferences) on You Tube.

Click {here} for the Pinwheels For Peace Project Information.
Click {here} to see how Jeffreys Grove celebrated peace this spring.
Click {here} to hear the Hebrew song We Come To Greet You In Peace.
Click {here} to download and personalize the iPhone template on which your little Peacemakers can write their APPs for peace.

Three more peace books to compare and contrast:

Shhh! by Jeanne Willis
Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz

Follow up by writing an acrostic poem from the word Peacemakers.


  1. I adore Todd Parr. My kids do too.

    1. Cause they're simply powerful! It was fun to see his personality come through on the clip, eh?

  2. I forgot today was International Peace Day until I got a note from a friend. I'm glad you shared Todd Parr's book as it is so straightforward and carries a great message. Nice selection.

    1. Yes, what a celebration we had. I hope you'll stop back tomorrow when I blog about our Pinwheels for Peace project., Patricia!

  3. Perfect selection for a perfect day. Thank you. Peace to you.

    1. My pleasure, Beth. I love it when you stop by the Corner.

  4. Thanks for sending me the video of your peace day. The Houston Chorals were awesome!

    1. I'm posting it on tomorrow's blog so you can also link to the hundred pictures we took.

  5. The Peace Book is a new fave of mine now ! I love Todd Parr anyway lol :)

    Peace and love,

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities!

  6. I saw the cover, and immediately knew this was a Parr book. His art is so unmistakeable. I have to check out the peace app. What a cool idea!

  7. Love the cover! And what a wonderful concept for a book! Thanks so much for sharing this one, Barbara - I'm really glad to be adding it to our list!

  8. Thanks so much, Barbara...this is a great book...and I love that you included the resource/activities to extend the learning well as some other titles on the subject.
    Peace...maybe we can help little ones desire it so much, they will find a way to help the world find it and keep it. :)


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