Whirled Peace

On this the anniversary of the 9/11 horror, I am thinking a lot about freedom and peace and the heroes who served and sacrificed on the front lines that day... and about those who lost their lives ... and their families. And I'm feeling sad ... and grateful.
To celebrate International Day of Peace on 
September 21st, we are trying something new:  
Pinwheels For Peace

photo of handcrafted pinwheel for peace
Here's the one I made!

Want more information about how to make them 
and what we're doing with them?  
Head over to Cachey Mama's Classroom for details in my 
Tuesday Tutorial guest post today. Then click {here} for the music that we're using and click {here} to see our little Peacemakers rehearsing the song. Are you ready for some
Whirled Peace?


  1. Beautiful idea! I love it. A lot of my kids were born in 2001, so they are especially interested in the tragic events of today.

  2. BArbara, We are also doing Pinwheels for Peace on Sept 21 at both of my elementary school!! This will be our 2nd year doing this!! The kids love and it looks so amazing once all 400 are out on the lawn!!! Amazing!!!


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