You've Got A Friend

It's the beginning of another month and you know what that means? Yep, I'm joining author Maria Dismondy's Make A Difference Monthly and posting about the trait of trustworthiness! Click the graphic above to link up.

Trustworthiness is an essential ingredient in a friendship and it's hard to study one without the other. Ask your students what they're looking for in a friend and what qualities they bring to their friendships and they'll likely be describing the trait of trustworthiness: someone who is loyal, reliable, and honest, who keeps their promises, has integrity, has the courage to do the right thing, and has a good reputation.

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Do you know about these window cards from Compendium, Inc.? It's so much fun to open them up and see the secret message inside. Use them as writing prompts or morning meeting starters. Find out what students think the person who said those words meant. Or simply use them as positive reinforcers for when you see someone showing a kindness to a friend. 

You can even get crafty and make your own. Research friendship quotes or have students write something themselves about being friends. Give each student two index cards, one for their words of wisdom about friendship and the other for the heart that they'll cut to cover up their words. 
They'll each need two small stickers as well. 
(I used pet stickers since dogs are a man's best friend!)
Here's what our finished product looks like: 

Of course, students could splash some color onto their homemade window cards for an added personal touch. Let them make one to keep and one to share with a friend.


  1. This is great! I needed to come up with 9 character themes associated with "trust", I'm glad to see that my list echoes yours. You also have great ideas to elaborate and teach upon. I hope to incorporate some of these ideas into my yearly classroom guidance lessons. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  2. Thank you friend! I love this lesson! I also linked up to a few of your other lessons on Trustworthiness in the past on my linky party post. Hope the school year is off to a great start, Maria


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