A Bittersweet Change

Today is bittersweet for me because yesterday was my last official monthly post at the AmAzInG PreK & K Sharing collaborative 
that I've been blessed to be a part of for a year now. 

Click the graphic to read my Sensory Explosion post:

If you aren't familiar with that blog, you might want to go there next and check out what an unbelievable resource it is. With thirty-plus early childhood educator experts, there's something new every day! And while I am torn about having to prioritize and walk away from my monthly commitment there, I'm happy knowing that I'll be invited back when they need a guest post and that ultimately I've made some lifetime connections and friends. 

Thank you, Debbie Clement (and friends!), for making that dream site a reality and letting me help you launch such cool cyberspace synergy.

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