Ellie's Super Power

Technically, I'm not even her counselor anymore, but Ellie is one of those students who'll always have a tender spot in my heart and who will always be mine. Funny thing is, I knew that about her before she was born because her mom, a former student of mine as well, is kind just like she is. And guess what? Her father, a pediatrician, and her sisters are all kind as well. You see, kindness doesn't happen by accident, it's a learned behavior. 
And Ellie is learning from the best!

So last year when Ellie was in fourth grade, she decided to raise money for a cure to a cause that's dear to her heart (epilepsy) by participating in a Fun Run/Walk. But instead of just asking for sponsors to give money, Ellie worked with her grandmother to make pies that she could offer in exchange for a donation. Well, who can turn down a homemade pie? Not I. It was a tough decision, because they had many flavors (one of which is John's favorite Coconut Cream), but in the end we ordered a pecan pie. And I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you that it was the most delicious pie we have ever tasted. Homemade crust? Hands down. Melt-in-your-mouth filling? To die for! Any leftovers? Not a chance.

So the other day when I saw Ellie before school, I inquired about this year's FUNdraiser, hoping, of course, that it'd be the pie again so we could enjoy some more of that mouthwatering deliciousness. She said she wasn't sure about that, so I just told her to keep me in mind when she decided because we'd love to support her in any way we can. Flash forward to first thing this Wednesday morning, when I see through bleary eyes a very happy Ellie heading toward me with a spring in her step and this pie (without the missing piece, of course!) in her hands:

I did share with Mr. Whitlock and with my family!
Atop this delicacy was this handwritten note from my little balcony girl:

It was a gift, just for me, just because. No fundraiser this time, just a kind kid who wanted me to feel loved. Now I don't need a from-scratch pecan pie as proof that Ellie's strengths are kindness, caring, generosity, sincerity, gratitude, and love, but what a rich way to put those super powers to work. When I called to thank her and ask permission to share this story, in sweet-Ellie-style, she giggled and thanked me some more. And are there any leftovers? Not of that pie. No way. But I'll always be able to taste that kindness!

So today I want to know: What's your child's super power? 

Head over to School Counselor blog to see how we'll be finding that out from our families at Westwood-Bales in the very near future. Danielle is a top-notch counselor with unbridled enthusiasm and incredible ideas, so I'm beyond-excited to connect you with her today! 


  1. This super power idea has got to be something I start incorporating into my classroom. I love it. That pie looks wonderful!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. what a lovely lovely story! I wish the news stations would talk about these kinds of kids instead of all the bad ones. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awww. How sweet! I am catching up on The Corner this morning and am smiling over this post because I too, love pecan pie, had a student named Ellie who is soooo kind (she's in 7th grade now and sent me a sweet note via her brother earlier this year thanking me for pointing her in the direction of a community service group for preteens), and love the quote from the Dalai Lama you began the post with. In fact, the Dalai Lama is in our town of Williamsburg today speaking at The College of William and Mary. I couldn't get a ticket, they were gone in like 3 minutes...I'm off to start my day and strive to spread some kindness! :-)


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