What Is Grit?

Brian Williams of NBC News asks that very question in this late-September report on True Grit {here}. 
Here's the Merriam-Webster definition:

Persistence + Resilience = the essence of the Grit Movement according to the men from the KIPP Academy and Riverside Country School who were interviewed. Educators from two very different schools both said that character skills are crucial in our world today and that it was critical to learn to fail. My favorite part?  Students in their character education program not only earn a GPA (grade point average) but also a CPA (character point average). The teens interviewed in this report were able to pinpoint not only exactly what their strengths are, but also what their areas for growth are. So much empowerment in self-assessment.

How do your students learn to develop grit?

On another note:  Need some bullying prevention resources? Click the graphic above to see what 12-year-old Charleigh Gere is up to, then visit Angela over at the Cornerstone For Teachers blog today!

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  1. As usual, thanks for the resource.
    WOW! What an amazing voice (for a 12 year old!) and what a powerful message. It is so sad to think of so many kids with hurting hearts...

    Thanks for helping us find ways--and find voices--to turn around this trend...

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