Who's Gonna Know?

So today I'm reflecting on a conversation I overheard a few weeks back at a school event. Someone from the family behind me wanted to go home before it was over. I get that. It was almost 8:00 and it had been a long day. I wanted to go home, too. But her child told her in no uncertain terms that she was required to stay until the end. That's when I heard this:  
Well, who's gonna know?

It reminded me of the time that a workshop participant left my session on character with a friend and grabbed a snack from the table in the hallway clearly marked for the Insurance Company guests only. When the friend pointed out that those were not for their group, her response shocked me: 
Well, who's gonna know?

That was five years ago and I can still remember feeling SO bummed and somewhat discouraged because my character-development workshop hadn't influenced her very much, if at all. Really? 
Who's gonna know? 
That's definitely not the character response I'd hoped for; life's got to be about more than not getting caught, right? Character counts, everywhere, all the time, even when nobody's looking. And when all is said and done, 
guess who's gonna know.

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax has SO very many clips within the movie that illustrate this concept; click {here} to experience the Wing Clips selections with your students.

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  1. Right is right even when no one is looking. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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