The Pursuit Of Perfection

So I'm watching television and a Lexus commercial catches my attention because of the slogan for its campaign: The pursuit of perfection. Maybe that's a good goal, for a car company, but it's something that'll wreak havoc with people, pursuing perfection. And am I speaking from experience? Sure am. I like to say that I'm a recovering perfectionist, and in a way, it's true that I continue to work on it, but it's something that I still struggle with pretty routinely, trying to be a supermom, superwife, supercounselor, superfriend, supersibling... and do it all. Perfectly.

It's been six years since I wrote this article 
for Daughters magazine, and I have taken my suggestions to heart and put many of them into practice, really I have. All I'm saying is that it's still a challenge, every day. Might always be. Admitting and accepting it are really good first steps, right?

If you want my go-to resources for when parents stop by and need help with this all-too-familiar issue, check out these books:

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  1. Oooh - I need to order that Girl Who Never Made Mistakes picture book! Great post (again!)...thanks, Barbara!
    Growing Firsties


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