Unrivaled Therapy

Sadie, a trained reading dog, visited our school this week and she was a huge hit! 

A keeshond from Holland, this breed is especially friendly with children and Sadie is no exception. She and her best friend Phil Johnson helped with my small group counseling classes. After hearing all about Sadie and her job visiting hospitals to cheer people up and reading with third graders to help melt anxiety away, we read Good News Nelson, Jodi Moore's new headliner about caring, responsibility, and friendship.

Before we dismissed, we shared our good news in song using the tune of Frere Jacques/Are You Sleeping? with Where is Thumbkin? hand movements.

Hands behind your back:  
Nelson's got news, Nelson's got news.
Right thumb up and out in front: Such good news!
Left thumb up and out in front: Such good news!
Nelson showed he cared and 
ended up with two new friends.
Right thumb slides back behind your back: That's good news!
Left thumb follows suit: Such good news!

Then, we took turns:

Who's got news? Who's got news?
Such good news, such good news!
We had a great Thanksgiving break and now we're back at school.
That's good news; such good news!

Then as it was a specific student's turn, we added their name and sang the first two lines together, then stopped singing and let him/her fill in their good news, ending with a choral that's good news! . . . or great news! . . . awesome news! . . . delicious news! . . . we switched it up just to keep it fresh. Here's an example:

Drew's got news, Drew's got news
Such good news! Such good new!
My teacher came to my house and saw our decorations.
That's fun news! Such fun news!

Singing about our good news with one another and loving on Sadie -- that's unrivaled therapy.

If you want to share your good news about little people doing big things, visit Jodi's new blog about being KIND: Kids Inspiring New Directions.


  1. Yay for Sadie!! That's what I do! I'm glad your kids had such fun with her. And I bet she had just as much fun. I've been looking for this book. It looks like a good one. And I like the song you did to go with it. You're so clever!

  2. Bringing in reading therapy dogs is one of my favorite activities. Thanks for sharing this book!


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