Naughty Or Nice?

Have you seen these Hallmark Tell Me commercials? 
Each one more touching than the next, here's the holiday one:

And have you been watching the Hallmark Channel? They've got thirteen new movies this month and my husband and I are having fun watching not only the ones we saw in years passed but also this year's premieres. In fact, when I was gone last week, I got a text from John that read: 
Hallmark movies just aren't the same without you!  
I know, so romantic, right? That's what these sentimental films are doing for us. Anyway, so far my favorite has been 
Krissy Kringle's morning starts off so shaky that she's not surprised when a little boy runs into her and knocks her into a lighted tree. When he mom demands he apologize and he won't, she threatens him with the Naughty list. He says that he's sorry and the mom explains that "The Naughty or Nice list makes the world a better place." When Krissy goes into her boss' office expecting a promotion but ending up getting fired, she tells her boss, "you're going on the naughty list." Then Santa's Naughty or Nice book ends up in Krissy's hands, and it allows her to take an inside look at the people whose lives cross her path. Will she learn to appreciate that there are two sides to every story? Since I don't want to ruin it for you, I'll just give it four out of four stars for family friendliness and recommend it with enthusiasm to 
touch your heart and put you in the holiday spirit.

And if you're looking for some books to ease your elementary-aged students into that holiday spirit, check out my December guest post at the 
Character Educator {here}.

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  1. I love The Mitten Tree. (Thanks for sharing the Tell Me commercial. It's good to be reminded.)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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