Silence Is Golden

I've heard it said that "silence is golden" so when a fellow teacher blogger suggested we set aside Sunday as a day of silence to honor the school family at Sandy Hook Elementary, I knew she had a golden idea.
Except for the horror and the heartache that I feel, things in my world are pretty normal today, but I know that life in CT is forever changed. And that makes my heart so heavy. 

So I'm taking tomorrow off to remember and reflect.

Head on over to Oh Boy Fourth Grade to 
grab the graphic if you want to join us. 

Since we know that music is a great healer, I'm sharing some joy today before the silence tomorrow. At times like these, it comforts to trust in our higher power for hope and healing.


  1. Oh Barbara, the video was beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm in. Thanks for sharing your comment with me yesterday... I am heartbroken for the children and families.


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