Tax Day Giveaway & Self-Esteem

Today I'm excited because I've partnered with author Julia V. Taylor 
for a Tax Day Giveaway as we celebrate self-esteem!

Perfectly You is a small-group counseling class must because its message that beauty and character come from within will really resonates with your character kids. It encourages us to embrace oir differences and celebrate our uniqueness. It also weaves in a healthy body and lifestyle piece that I think is so critical to a healthy self-esteem. 
It's kind of a 
mind-body-spirit book
for young and old alike, 
and that makes it ... perfect!

  I'm planning to read it this Friday and then let my little learners 
dance with Grover. Wanna join us?

Oh, and here's some tax-day relief: Julia has generously donated a signed copy of her book {Perfectly Youto one lucky reader! 
To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us
one thing that makes you special
between now and April 20th. Then check back on 
Saturday (after 9 am central) 
to see if the Gruener Generator randomly selected your entry.

Yay - thank you Julia. 
You've made my day week extra special!

This giveaway is now closed - congrats Kristina!

I also have a few other titles that would 
perfectly complement this clip;
click the book cover graphic for more information.

What is your secret weapon for helping students
embrace and celebrate being unique?


  1. Oh Barbara, I have not seen this book and it sounds wonderful. It will go on my list of books to get if I do not win it. Right now we are starting a four grade girls group about beauty--they all dislike their bodies and think they are not special at all. Thanks for the tip

  2. I would love to win this book for my new and growing office at school! What makes me special is that I try to always stay positive. Even when things are looking down and out.... positive words and encouragement can keep us going during those times!!

  3. This book sounds wonderful and I think I have a few kiddos at my school who would benefit from it (i.e. all of the 4th grade girls!).

    One thing that makes me special is my ability to be genuine with everyone that I meet. I especially enjoy being this way with my kiddos because I think it endears them to me even quicker because they see I am a person too and not just the adult they are coming to see.

  4. What a great new resource.. what a treat it would be to win.

    One thing that makes me special is being a military wife and full time worker while my husband is deployed.. Its not a easy job but I sure have real life stories to share with my students about keeping a positive attitude, perserverance, and always having hope. I am a better mother, woman, wife and counselor because of it.

  5. so excited about the book I forgot to answer the questions: I think I am special because I live by the motto: If it is important to you, it is important to me. I try to be there for my kiddos and staff no matter how big or small the issue. The other question: I help celebrate kiddos being unique by showcasing their talents at all school assemblies or in groups.

  6. Oh gosh...what makes me special? I don't know; I am very driven and try to be creative in all that I do! This book looks great. As I am trying to better align my counseling program to the ASCA standards (which are the same as my district standards), the areas that I am having trouble with are the self-esteem, pride, etc., so this book looks AMAZINGly helpful to me! I'm going to check out some of your other book suggestions, too. Thanks~

  7. Wow! A possibility at winning a "special" book! Cool...I am special because I have a family that loves me and get the opportunity to work with kids every day at school. What could be more special than teaching kids about character and helping them feel special?

  8. Oh gosh, I am not too good at bragging about myself! I guess one thing that makes me special is I am a "teacher nerd" and always doing something for my class!

  9. I'm special because God uniquely created me. It's not very original, but it's true. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  10. I love feeling "magical"...that's when I'm at my best...I want to teach that special feeling to others - because they are magical too. I think that is what I'm here to do! That's what makes me special!

    I was reading the posts above thinking about those 4th grade girls...why is it always the 4th grade? Bless their hearts! I'm glad that there are so many folks around the country who are watching out for them...

  11. I am special because I am unique. There is not one person like me...even though everyone says my little girl is a spitting image of me :)

    Would love to win!

  12. I use this book w/ and my students love it! It's a great addition your counselor library.

  13. This book looks wonderful!!! I would love to use it with some of my students at my school. What makes me special is that I was lucky enough to spend three days with Barbara at Westwood Bales last week learning all about character and wow am I on fire about bringing what I learned to my school!! Besides that I am special because I am truly and uniquely me and try to bring that to the table where ever I am

  14. What makes me special is I am part of an awesome community of educarers who know coming to The Corner will surely yield not only "day-brightener" posts, but also a wealth of great resources! Thanks, Barbara, for all the springboards you set up for us.


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