Worth The Wait

Bulbs don't always do very well in Texas, and the amaryllis is no exception. Our soil is like a gumbo clay because of the hot and humid temps and those temps are oft times way too warm for their liking. But this gift from my Dad and his wife a few years back is actually faring pretty well this year.

I really thought they'd be opening up in time for Easter, but it was actually April 7th when I took this first shot as they were just starting to peek out.

A few days later, they're opening one by one.

Just a week later, they're in full bloom and ...

a second wave of blooms are just behind them.

The flowers in my garden aren't all that different from the students in our classrooms, are they? It's springtime, and many of them are in full bloom by now, but look at those three that just need a little bit more time. They won't be blooming for us until they're ready, but it's always, always 
worth the wait!

Doesn't springtime make you so bloomin' happy?


  1. our tulips are trying to come up but with snow on the ground this morning, you cannot see them :( Spring in Wisconsin is very slow in coming

  2. Springtime does make me happy, but at first I thought your post was about the teen puberty program "Worth the Wait". My daughter's middle school just sent out a permission slip, so I guess it was on my mind! Hee hee!
    Swersty’s Swap Shop

  3. Beautifully said (as always), Barbara. I think I will bring some flowers to school this week to visually remind me of this as we are cramming in the last little bit before testing. It will remind me that with the right care, they will all bloom in their own ways.
    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Your students are so "bloomin'" lucky to have you!


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