Mayor Proclaims Rocket Reader Day

The quietude of the first-grade hallways before school starts this morning belies the feeling of frenzy in Friendswood as Team First gets ready for
 Rocket Reader Day!

My Stars! See what happens with you exceed your goal.
It's an explosive celebration of the astronomical kind because the first graders who met their reading goals (all of them) are now blasting off as Rocket Readers! This semester-long program requires that parents work with their child to set a goal for how many books he or she will read at home between February 1st and May 1st. I believe the minimum is 20, unless you're a new student during that time. In addition to reading, each student will complete a book report for each book. They even sign a contract! Once they've turned in the book report and presented it to the class, a star with the book's title and the child's name is placed on the bulletin board to track their progress.
Teachers wear their class total on their shirts; this year's Team First students had a collective total of just over 5000 book reports.

Aubrey happily shows her 50 stars!
Started by first-grade teacher and team leader Margaret Limmer about ten years ago, this literacy launcher culminates in a celebration that lifted off this morning when our town's Mayor visited to read his proclamation 
officially making today Rocket Reader Day in Friendswood!

Mayor Kevin Holland congratulates the Rocket Readers.
The students who reach their goal (all of them!) each receive a Rocket Reader shirt with a number on the back representing how many books they read and reports they completed. They spent the day in educational centers (many of them barefooted for fun!) and enjoyed a special picnic lunch outside as part of what they earned for their achievements. One thing's for sure; these Rocket Reader Stars are going to sleep well tonight. 
Sweet dreams!

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  1. How special that the mayor was part of this!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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