PPBF: Maya Was Grumpy

Today I'm a little grumpy. Well, ok, a lot grumpy. It has to do with my recovery from that horrible car crash 18 weeks ago and the injuries I sustained, so that makes my grumpiness a little different from Maya's, but I connect with the little grump nonetheless.

Title:  Maya Was Grumpy
Author and Illustrator:  Courtney Pippin-Mather
Publisher:  Flashlight Press
Date: May 1, 2013
Suitable for: ages 4-8
Genre: Fiction
Themes: feelings, grandparents, imagination
Brief Synopsis:  Maya wakes up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed and she can't quite put her finger on why she feels so out-of-sorts.
Opening Page: Maya was grumpy.

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Why I like this book:  Put an engaging tale that involves a grandmother and her granddaughter in my hands and I'm pretty much gonna like it; infuse some feelings management so I can use it in my counseling and I'm likely to fall in love. 

Meet Maya, who's as feisty as a feline and Gramma, who's as good as gold at managing Maya's mane. Prepare to recognize Maya's outrageous bed-head locks and her authentic expressions {She even rolls her eyes!} of grouchiness and disdain.  

Then let the taming of the do tickle your funny bone as Gramma uses humor and fantasy to hook Maya and reel her in so they can send the grumpies packing and get to the park. 

Three partial pages side-by-side show the taming of the do!

I love how this intergenerational duo dances together around and through Maya's erratic emotions until she's absolutely awake, positively back to her happier self and totally ready for some fun at their favorite stomping ground. I read it to a slightly-grumpy first grade girl with great success the other day. Her favorite part was turning the pages and watching the hair get smaller and more manageable, an excellent springboard for a discussion on what to do when unpleasant feelings choose us. If you know someone with the grumps, you'll definitely want to check out this book.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Caryn. I appreciate that you're always there to listen to and comfort me.

  2. Grumpy happens. It's a part of life. I've seen a couple promos on this book but haven't seen it yet myself!

    1. Love the reminder, Wendy, that grumpy is a part of life. Thanks for stopping by the Corner. I think you'll really like this one!

  3. I love books that help with managing emotions! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Thanks for visiting at the Corner, Amy. I think you'll find this feelings treasure wonderfully whimsical yet absolutely authentic!

  4. What a fun and useful book. I pray your recovery is speedy. Thank you for sharing this book in PPBF!

    1. I am so grateful for your prayers; 18 weeks is a very long time to have a kinked neck. I know you'll LOVE this pick, Cool Mom!

  5. That little Maya sure is cute! Even grumpy! I like how her little lion has the same mane that Maya has. And the same stance. This looks like a fun book. Grumpies. I'm sorry you're feeling the grumpies. You need some pet therapy. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh yes, her pet lion perfectly mirrors her feelings ... of course you'd pick up on that, Rhythm! I sure wish you lived closer because you're spot on about needing some pet therapy!! Thanks for stopping by the Corner.

  7. I've been wanting to read this! I remember reading that it was coming out this spring. It sounds so cute! I love the illustrations!

  8. Looks like a good one!The little girl reminds me of "Stella" with the crazy hair:)
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