So That We Never Forget

If I get really quiet and still, I can hear my friend Martha's brother,
 James McKenzie, who currently serves in the United States Army,
 playing TAPS at Arlington National Cemetery today. Here he is at the funeral of Captain Russell Rippetoe, the first soldier killed in the Iraqi conflict in 2003.

Memorial Day.

My Daddy by Deborah Hutchinson

A time set aside to remember.
And to reflect. 
A time set aside to honor.
And to be humbled.
A time set aside to express gratitude.
And to grieve.

Hutch by Deborah Hutchinson
I think about Ray Joseph a lot, but especially on days like today. We know that he's in a better place and we hold on to the hope that one day we'll see him again. But every day from now until then holds grief and loss for his parents, his brother, his friends. It also holds pride and joy because he was a fine young man and an incredibly courageous soldier
willing to make the supreme sacrifice, 
for our freedom, 
for our future.

This Memorial Day, we remember.
Every day, may we never forget.


  1. Thanks to you, I also remember Ray Joseph on days like today. What a lovely tribute to those who have fought--and continue to fight--for our freedom...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Barbara,
    I always remember Ray Joseph when I see that painting of the children in your office. Keeping his memory and the memory of our other fallen soldiers alive is so important! Thank you for doing that for all!
    Nancy - Elfy


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