Bob The Builder

Happy Father's Day.

When Bob the Builder came on the scene and quickly became a smashing success with our youngest son, I was kicking myself because why didn't I think of that? After all, I grew up with a real-life Bob the Builder ... 
my dad!

Not only was he a great builder of buildings on the farm, but my dad was (and still is!) a major fix-it guy, a handy man to have around, and an artisan.
Since his retirement from the family farm, he's served with an organization working on, remodeling, and building churches. If you want something done right, this Bob the Builder is the right man for the job.

When he visits us, his first question after how we're doing is what projects do we have for him. Check out the rain barrel John and Jacob engineered that he finished up (with his wife's help!) when he was here in May:

Dad is an expert craftsman who pays attention to every detail. 
If this Bob builds something, it's durable and it lasts.

Not only is my dad is an accomplished carpenter, but he's a master mentor, too. He has helped build character in a lot of people over the years, including in many troubled kids along the way. He was a foster parent to many wayward souls during our formative years and he instilled in them confidence, compassion, and citizenship. He taught them respect and responsibility. He modeled service and gave each one of them a chance at something better. 

Thank you, Dad, for being a blessing in our lives;
enjoy your day!


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