No Matter How You Slice It

Today I'm excited because I'm headed to the Show-Me State 
so that I can attend the Characterplus Conference.

Inspiring Lives of Integrity ... I love that!

Wouldn't it be so cool if the 
Core in Common Core stood for character? 
Or if the C in C-Scope (for you 
Texas educators) meant character!

 How much character-development training have you had?

My breakout is called 
I hope that if you're at this conference, 
you'll dance on in to my session. 
We'll be singing and laughing for sure.
And I'll throw in some move-your-body brain brakes.
Or stop by the Film Clips for Character booth so we can chat. 
We'll even give you a 10% discount if you see something that would help in 
your character building.
If you've never been to a national conference, add that your bucket list because when character educators convene, the synergistic
passion is palpable.

Maybe I'll see you in St. Louis ..... 


  1. I wish I could be there. I know it will be a great session.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I WISH I was going!! I hope the Show Me State treats you well!! :)

  3. I wish I could be there!! Sounds like lots of fun! And I wish all the teachers in Texas were there!


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