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Today there's only time for a quick follow up from earlier in the month when I blogged about the Pay It Forward Exchange I was fortunate to get in on. The idea was to put together a bag of goodies from your corner of the world; I got my PIF package from Victoria, B.C. 

So yesterday I sent a big envelope to Jo at Prairie Elementary in Wisconsin and I saw that she was already busily delivering hers. {Of course she was!} 

I brought along this bundle to St. Louis to deliver to Laurel in person when we meet for the first time:

It includes a copy of this month's Texas Highways magazine, an author-signed book written by a retired FISD school teacher, a dozen of my hand-dipped turtles made with Texas pecans, a CD with some of my favorite music, and a set of my Character Card prompts. I've not heard from the Yum Sisters yet, so I'll put a similar package in the mail for Amanda once she gets settled in her new home out east.

I think it was as much a gift to me to put the packages together 
as it will be for them to enjoy their treats, 
from Texas with love.


  1. Can't wait to get my package! We had so much fun creating the packages and then delivering them. What a great idea to help teach kindness and giving without expecting anything in return.

    We already got something back as someone at Subway gave us a special coupon and told us to Pay it Forward only one day after delivery!

  2. Looks like a great fun package!! Yay Texas Highways!


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