Generously More Than Enough

I went to the most wonderful celebration of life last night, 
to say good bye and thank you to my friend Sally.

The service was beautiful. Her young granddaughters did the Scripture readings with poise and perfection. Her two sons shared Sally stories in the most heartfelt eulogy ever. And then all of her friends and family gathered in the gym for Hot Fudge Sundaes, Sally's favorite treat. That's what she told her husband Joe she wanted the guests to enjoy at her funeral.

Sally was like that, a generous, gracious hostess with so very many gifts. My favorite was her gift of words. 
Affirmations actually. 
Here's a kind note she wrote to me thirteen years ago.

The last time I visited with Sally was in early March. I did something I'd never done before; I just dropped in. We talked about that, how we'd become 
just-stop-by sort of friends.
We talked about a lot of stuff. 
About joy
About healing.
About gratitude
About peace.
I always cherished my talks with Sally. 
I stayed for almost two hours and am 
so grateful for that gift

As we were visiting about her grandchildren, one of them in particular as she launches into her high school years, Sally said that as they age, she wonders if she's done enough, is she's been enough, if she is enough. 
She loved to ponder and reflect 
so she could learn and grow. 
In a role reversal, I assured her that she is and always has been 
more than enough. 

Last night as I was looking through a display of 
some of Sally's treasured things, I saw six books labeled 
Letters From Nana
each one in the Sally's signature cursive, one for each grandchild. For 17 years, she'd been secretly journaling letters to them, her precious grandchildren, from the time she found out their parents were expecting through their birth and life until her most recent entry, sometime this spring. 

Sally lived life generously, with gratitude and grace. 
And what she left behind will always be more than enough.


  1. Guess you'll be blueberry picking soon!? What a wonderful tribute. Hugs and love to you!!

    1. Yes, the blueberry farm opens this Friday!!!

  2. Sally's legacy will live on. Her grandchildren will treasure those letters.


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