Mealtime Memories

Wow ... we've now reached the four-hundred-followers milestone just as we're about to reach 700 posts at The Corner on Character. 
I am grateful to and encouraged by each and every one of my readers for their interest in character development as together we 
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While thinking through our family traditions, I must mention our mealtime routines. For as long as I can remember, John has been in charge of school lunches and I've been in charge of dinner. I think that started because my job took me to work earlier than his and, truthfully, he ended up enjoying it. 

Two years ago, he put the most beautiful note in 
Kaitlyn's Last Lunch
Two weeks ago, this is what Jacob found in his:

I just love that John takes his Daddy duties so seriously. 

And though he typically puts breakfast on the table in the morning during the week, we split that detail on the weekends. Aunt Mary's Buttermilk Pancakes is our favorite morning meal to serve, though fresh and warm Shipley's Donuts come in a close second.

Since we both work, our deal at dinner is that I cook and he cleans. 
Works for me! 

It's been a ritualistic priority for us to sit down around the dinner table at mealtime so that we can connect with one another, share our stories, and unify as a family. Sounds old-fashioned, 
but we wouldn't have it any other way.

What are some of your favorite mealtime memories?


  1. Well, I remember sitting around the table with our big family at night---too many kids are not experiencing this today---we would talk about what happened to everyone that day, laugh, cry and enjoy a great Italian home cooked meal that mom made. But I do have one bad memory: the day she made sweet potatoes and forced us to clean up our plates (all those children in China were starving you know). Well, we hated sweet potatoes and must have gone through 2 gallons of milk trying to wash them down. Unfortunately, to this day, I do not like sweet potatoes. Also, mom never made them again :)

  2. You have some wonderful traditions in your family. I think it's unfortunate that some might find them old fashioned, when it should be the norm. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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