Who Are radKIDS?

It's late on a Friday evening and I'm just now getting home from a five-day personal safety and empowerment training for a course called radKIDS

RAD stands for Resisting Agression Defensively. 
Have you heard about this revolutionary program? 
It's been around for almost fifteen years. 
Here's a news clip out of Sarasota that explains it pretty well: 

Elizabeth Smart has become a spokesperson for this national organization. Here's a beautiful interview with her:

We piloted this program with great success and all of our second graders became radKIDS this spring. This coming year, our district will be training to empower all second, fourth, and sixth graders and I can't wait.

What program does your school have in place to 
keep your kids safe?

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  1. I had never heard of radKids. It sounds like a wonderful program. I love the idea of giving kids a defensive plan. The interview with Elizabeth Smart is beautiful. I'm going to forward this to the school board and counselors in our district.


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