Three Happy Words

Perhaps you've gone through the exercise of encapsulating an experience into three words; Joshua did this at the end of his sixth-grade year under Mrs. Bockart's mentorship. I'm thinking about this great reflection activity, because these three words made me very happy this morning:

Yep, they're here! 

Some background information might help you better understand why. Yesterday was a very long day of travel for us. We left my childhood home around 2 pm en route by car to the airport in Milwaukee, where we arrived three hours early for our plane. The flight was delayed by half an hour, but the employee who helped us  told us the good news was that our connecting flight was also delayed, now departing from St. Louis at 11:05 pm. How that was good news, I'm still not sure, but we enjoyed a leisurely dinner, snuck in a little nap, got one last cup of custard, and headed south. When we got to St. Louis, we saw on the arrival board that now our flight would be leaving at ... get this ... 12:55 a.m. 
{Don't they know that my bedtime is 8:00?} 
And that's when we noticed that the 6:50 flight was also delayed and would now be leaving at 9:10. We promptly took ourselves and our stuff to E-18 and stood in line to beg for a transfer. Jacob found out that there was room, while Matt, Southwest's friendly and accommodating customer service manager, worked his magic and we were on our way. 
Without our checked bags, which would be arriving at 3:05 a.m. 
It was worth going back this morning, to be home and in bed before the other passengers on Flight 272 were even leaving St. Louis. Score!

Cheese made it!

Our luggage was waiting for us under lock and key. We couldn't wait to get to our bags and see if our cheese survived. Sure enough, it's aged a bit, but it tastes better at room temperature anyway. 

Three words about Southwest Airlines? 
Friendly. Flexible. Fair.

And later today if I'm awake enough? 
Three more happy words:  
Houston Blogger Meet-Up!

What three words would you use 
to describe a recent travel experience?


  1. Barbara- I am so glad we finally got to meet today. I've been following for such a long time, and it was great to finally hear your voice! You are the sweetest! Hope to see you soon!

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