It Only Takes A Spark

The summers between my sixth and seventh grade years, I learned a song at camp that has stuck with me a very. long. time:

It only takes a spark, 
to get a fire going;
and soon all those around, 
will warm up in its glowing.

And though I don't have any pictures, I have such fond memories of that time as a camper. I met amazing people and felt so good there. I actually still keep in touch with one of my cabin mates and one of the counselors from way back then. I knew when my children were old enough, they'd go away to summer camp, too.  What I didn't know is that it'd become such a part of the fabric of who they are. It truly is their favorite place on earth.

We took this picture at Camp Lone Star last week;
just look at the joy in their hearts:

Discovery Week has been their favorite. That's when hundreds of teens (ages of 13 and 18) from as far away as Minnesota head to Camp to Race For The Kingdom as either a Blue Bolt or a Gray Gladiator. Yep, the Grueners are Gladiators; here's Jacob with his camp creation just before his last time as a CLS camper at Discovery.

During Discovery Week, these Boltz and Gladiators compete physically and connect spiritually, all the while learning what it means to let go of your chains and Live Free.

Since I don't have enough words to adequately show you that it only takes a spark, I'll let their videographer tell their story.
Click {here} to be WoWed!

I left there pondering the stuff that imprisons me.
I left there inspired by these passionate teens.
I left there warmed in the glow of their fire.

I left there thankful that it's their favorite place on earth.


  1. Cool video! What a great way to spend a summer!!

    1. Isn't it AmAzInG, Rhythm. I think you'd totally LOVE being there with those kids ... and I wonder if it's frisbee golf that you'd like best. I appreciate that you came by and took the time to share Discovery with me!!

  2. That's how it is with God's love,
    Once you've experienced it...

    1. Yay ... you know the song, too! Was your camp experience like what you saw in the Discovery clip? Thanks for stopping by the Corner, Donna. Hope you're enjoying some R & R this summer.


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