The Lizard and The Labyrinth

I've been watching this lizard from my breakfast nook window pretty much all summer long as I savor my morning coffee. He's kind of an odd little fella, really, preparing for some sort of race it seems. Or maybe just his day. Or life. As if he's scaling Mount Everest, he climbs up slowly from the bottom, ever so determined to get to the rim, only to vacillate between clinging on for dear life, stopping for strength training with a few push ups, and moving with purpose around the circle, as if counting his laps. 

This lizard's behavior makes me ponder the fable about the Tortoise and the Hare. Unlike the Hare, this lizard isn't ever really in a hurry. And like the Tortoise, he appears to have the world by the tail and all day to finish whatever he's doing.

So which do you tend to be -- the Tortoise or the Hare? 

I'm learning so much this summer as I rest, restore, and reflect. I'm in training, to be more Tortoise-like.

Author Ann Voskamp (One Thousand Gifts) says that "hurrying makes us hurt" because it "empties the soul." She encourages us to "slow down to savor." So that's what I'm training to do. 



Here's the next book I'll be reading.
It couldn't have been a coincidence that last night my friend Laura invited me to walk a labyrinth with her. So I went. The Hare in me typically power walks, in a hurry, because a walk has to be for exercise, not enjoyment. But the Tortoise decided that a spiral stroll might do me some good. Besides, I've wanted to experience the labyrinth ever since my friend Rhythm wrote about it back in May at the Reading With Rhythm blog {here}.

It was nightfall, like 8:10 pm and totally past my bedtime, but I'd had a good nap, so we headed to a park down the road and started walking, I from the outside in, she from the middle out. The cicadas serenaded as darkness settled in around us. And we just strolled. In a circle. Without saying a thing. Slowly. Savoring. We crossed twice. In silence. Then we shared our take aways and promised to stroll it again soon.

And it. was. nice.  

No hurrying, just healing. 

No emptying, just enlivening.

And I slept really well last night.

You might enjoy reading about the five skills (one of which is savoring!) that will increase your happiness {here}.

That little lizard might be on to something.


  1. I think, depending upon the situation, I am a little bit of both.

    Sometimes, taking a nice stroll in the park is just what you need to keep you going and get you back on track. Glad you had a good night...and thank you for sharing.

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Thanks, Stephanie, for stopping by. It's feeling really good to slow down and get back on track.

  2. Wow! You have a labyrinth in your park? That's cool. Not many neighborhoods have them. I'm glad you felt the healing energy there. Walking spirals is a joyful thing. And thanks for the link up to my post. We also like Ms Voskamp's book. She is an inspiration. I wish you joy and strength on your journey of healing.

    1. Yes, I couldn't believe there was one just 20 minutes down the road! And I did feel so at peace there, Rhythm. Thanks for piquing my interest in that circular way to meditate and celebrate.

  3. Barbara, have you ever used mandalas with your students? My art teacher suggested this to me last year to help with a particularly difficult to reach student who was conflicted in so many ways. He really enjoyed tracing some of the printable mandalas as well as coloring some...at his suggestion we put together a take home kit with some mandala designs he chose, and a few each of colored pencils, crayons and markers. He ended up making a mini flip book which he gave to me at the end of the year! At our end of year "Knighthood Celebration" we had a station with very large ones that kids could trace (try having them use their non-dominant hand). This year, we hope to rent a portable labyrinth so our kids can walk it. Fascinating stuff. Check out http://www.centrum-mandala.cz/en/mandalas-children


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