Radical Reframes

Happy July!

Today I'm thinking about the positive power of the reframe because yesterday I treated myself to Starbucks and my favorite Venti-sized coffee concoction had gone up to - yikes - $5.01. What? For a jolt of java? 
Did they think I wouldn't notice that eleven-cent hike?

Ingredients for an inexpensive imitation.

So I was understandably frustrated and starting to gripe a little. As we turned the corner and saw that the line was four cars deep, I said something like, "You've gotta be kidding me. Expensive and slow?" 
{I affectionately refer to our local establishment as Slowbucks.}
 And then John, whom we're always teasing about his dark side,
 reframes my observation like this:

They just want to build up your anticipation.

Isn't that a fun way of looking at our more-than-five-minute wait 
for that costly cup of cinnamon and caffeine I was about to savor?

And it got me to thinking about positivity and a reframe lesson that I saw Rockin' Rachita, our marvelous music teacher, do last spring using Post-It Notes. Her fourth and fifth-grade students were prompted to think of a complaint or a downer in their lives, then put a positive spin on it and write the reframe. She posted them outside her classroom as a visual reminder to leave their complaints at the door and bring their best self and attitude in. Positively inspiring!

So there you have it, my thoughts about the reframe. Perfectly timed, I might add, to complement Google Reader disappearing and Bloglovin' taking its place. If you were reading my posts through Google Reader, good news -- you can now do that at Bloglovin' by following the link below.

Didn't Stacy Johnson do a beautiful job on this graphic?

What might a radical reframe help you handle today?


  1. You know I am not the most techno-savvy person on the planet, but when I clicked on the Bloglovin' button, I was already following... The CyberWorld knew better than to mess with our connection!
    Alas, my beloved Starbucks is pricing itself out of my summer budget. Not completely, of course, but $5 is a lot to spend on a cup of coffee!
    And "SlowBucks" made me laugh--gotta love John's perspective on life too!
    Finally, I ADORE Rockin' Rachita's idea of reframing things in a positive light. That one is going on my must-do lesson plans idea list!

    Sending you caffeinated hugs,

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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