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It's that time of the summer, time start saying good bye to those college kids and get them settled in. For us, it'll mean a much quieter house with just Joshua around.

Since our first two children are only fourteen months apart, they're considered seasonal twins and that's pretty much how we raised them. 
Here they are, side by side, circa 1994.

They went off to daycare together, to camps and classes together, and then to elementary school together. They were both in our gifted program through junior high and they chose very similar academic tracks in high school. They both played piano and a musical instrument and were in a lot of the same extracurricular activities. They were both National Merit Scholars. They continued their togetherness during the summer at Camp Lone Star whenever possible through the years. This picture was taken there this summer while she was a counselor and he volunteered as a junior staffer.

But, alas, they won't be attending college together. 

In fact, they're attending the rival state schools 
as evidenced by their hand gestures; 
Kaitlyn's studying at UT (Hook 'em!) and 
Jacob's going to Texas A&M (Gig 'em!).

We are officially a house divided united.

This week, they'll enjoy similar fellowship experiences apart at their schools' respective Christian Fish Camps. Kaitlyn is serving as a counselor at Ignite in Austin and Jacob is attending Impact as an incoming freshman in Aggieland. Kaitlyn drove herself {I like my independence, Mom. You've always known that about me!} to the four-day retreat and I dropped Jacob off in College Station, where he was greeted by some very friendly volunteers. 
It totally warms my heart to see tomorrow's leaders so fired up and ready to support, encourage, uplift, and pray for one another. 

I have a feeling that, even though they're no longer side by side,
 Kaitlyn and Jacob will both be positively Ignited and Impacted.
 And I like that for them ... and for us.
 What a blessing that, on their own initiative, they're taking time to
 connect with like-minded young adults 
as they feed their spiritual sides.

And for those of you who think that Joshua's got some big shoes to fill, don't worry. They're both taking their shoes with them.

What will your launch into this school year look like?


  1. They are quite the pair. You've done well!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Awwwww - this warms my heart!!! What an exciting time for your sweet family!!!
    Hugs - Lisa Mattes


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