Just Poppin' In

Today I'm popping in because I've got a fresh, new bulletin board design to share that was totally a collaborative effort.

Thanks to Carol for going to a garage sale at church and picking up the little popcorn tins, thanks to Melanie for the cool coordinating border, and thanks to Jacob for coming up to school and donating his time to help me put it all together.

It was so much fun to work side by side with my college kid, who at one point said, "You and your 3-D bulletin board ideas!" And yet it was his idea to make it look like there's actually a snack inside.

Popcorn Graphic found at Living the DReam Blog

My friend Jennifer stopped by to ask if we were going to have
 Popcorn and Root Beer after school on Opening Day.
Now there's a tasty idea. 
I predict that this year's gonna be hot!


  1. Delicious! How did you get the popcorn containers to stick?

    1. Jacob punched a hole in the container and hung them on push pins. That's actually why I took him along. I was vacillating between hot glue and postal packaging tape, then he thought of hanging them! Don't you love engineering brains?


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