Parenting Our Future

Our middle child, Jacob, starts his college career today just as Joshua begins his high school days. Where does the time go?

It was sometime this summer, just before he took off for college, when I found this post on Jacob's Facebook page:

If your child said he wanted to be a serial killer, would you tell him no and *gasp* crush a child's dream, make him feel bad about himself and pave the way for lasting, life-long depression? Children don't always know what's best for themselves. That's why they have parents: to tell them no when appropriate and teach them how life works. Not to give them everything, always make them feel "comfortable," and just be observers of their underdeveloped, immature decisions. Many parents don't know this, it seems ...

At first I wondered what we'd missed with our youngest {Had Jacob caught him watching something inappropriate on television after we'd gone to bed?}, because Jacob sometimes suggested that we were too easy on his little brother. But when I inquired about it, Jacob said it wasn't a commentary about us, but something he'd seen in the news. I love that he cared so deeply about his future.

Parenting isn't an easy job by any stretch and I am certainly not an expert. So when I need help, I turn to those professionals who are, like Bill Corbett. I recently read an engagingly authentic coaching manual by the founder of Cooperative Kids, called Love, Limits & Lessons

In this book about raising kids that cooperate (who wouldn't want that!), Mr. Corbett lays out situations and issues chapter by chapter for quick reference as needs arise. Some of his helpful hints include:

*Teaching Boundaries
*Those Annoying (But Normal) Behaviors
*Living Out Loud: Teaching by Example
*Guidelines on Chores
*Teaching Children Gratitude
*Eight Tips for Raising Tweens & Teens
*Adult Emotional Chaos In Your Home
*Ten Things Children Want from Their Parents

Mr. Corbett shares his experience as a Dad himself and a parenting coach to give his readers the benefit of concrete, pragmatic strategies that will endure the test of time. From toddlers to teens, these techniques works. Give them a shot and see how easily you'll influence change in your family dynamics.

If you're parenting the future, 
I recommend you check out this book. 
It'll be a critical tool in your parenting arsenal.

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  1. You are wonderful Barbara! Thank you so much for your very kind words!


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