A Sneak Peek At Our School

It's official; we survived and thrived through our first full week of school, followed by a heavenly three-day weekend, then Parent Orientation 
for grades preK through second last night.

Here's a peek at our building through the lens of our 
character cam.

The bulletin board in my counseling suite is
ready for my respect lesson.
My students love searching for words!

We abide by this promise in our peace-class lessons.

Across Respect Route, the cam spotted some firsties training to be 

Down Pillar Parkway we found some Bucket Fillers.

These beautiful bios adorned the hallways in third grade's
Caring Cul-de-sac.

We captured a third-grade social contract that rocks on
Acceptance Avenue.

 It made my day oTrustworthy Trail to be invited to sign this 
second-grade agreement.

We saw an Every Day Counts! board ... in every room.
Get your math brain on.

School family portraits line Helpful Highway on our 
Wall Of Fame.
This was a fundraiser that our PTO did.
Can you find the one Jacob drew of me?

Here's our new Kelso's Choice board in the 
Character Cafe.
When there's a small conflict in our cafeteria, students can go to Kelso's Corner
 and problem-solve it. So empowering!
I added a spinner to give students an interactive option.

As you can imagine, there's so much more goodness in the halls of Westwood-Bales. If you are ever in the Friendswood area, I'd love to show you around in person.


  1. Boy those are some great bulletin boards and some great energy you've got going at your school!

  2. Your school is full of character!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Thoughtful, proactive energy is expressed through these great bulletin boards! The students are blessed that attend this school. They will be prepared for "real" life! It warms my heart to see the Kelso curriculum's that I co-authored and train have come alive throughout our world!
    Blessings..Diane Hipp, Co-Author Kelso's Choice and Building Character with Kelso


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