A Winner, An Anchor Chart and A Freebie

Happy Friday! Are you ready for some football? 

First things first; today I'm excited because the lucky reader who'll now have her own copy of the fresh-off-the-press, 
Rock It! book is .... 
drum roll please .... 

Since the contest ended at noon and we drew just after that, I had to get a friend from first grade to work the Gruener Generator. Our friends at Brigantine Media will get a copy of that moving treasure on its way to Christina as soon as it's released on September 15th. Thank you all for your energizing reflections; 
we will be hosting another giveaway in the very near future.

Look what these Firsties were excited about while I was in the class 
rounding up a volunteer to help me - - math!

Give me five! 
Five bathrooms seems like a lot of work, if you ask me.

Freebie time! I asked my friend Jane Ann to help me design a Reflection Exit Slip that I can use for feedback from my workshops and classes. I think it turned out great, so I'm sharing it with you because it could easily be something that a student could do as well. What? They're not writing just yet? Have them draw their feelings about something you've done. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the
 fun feedback you get. 

Click the image to download your copy from Google Docs.

Finally, check out the heartwarming handiwork 
that I found on my desk:

It was made for me by a first-grade girl at the end of last year, but since I left school mid-May to continue my recovery at home, I totally missed it until this week. 
What a day maker. 
I especially love that peace snuck in there as 
one of the six seven pillars and I'm 
ever-so-grateful for my peacemakers ...

Next Friday I'll be back with a new PPBF book review.


  1. thanks for the reflection slip--I had an exit slip that wasn't as good as this one.

  2. OhMyGoodness! Precious! Peace IS one of the pillars of character in my mind...
    What a treasure... As are you!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

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