From Me to We

For many years, we enjoyed an annual assembly with our college-aged friends from Primary Focus. They had a song that we just loved called 
We sang it using the hand-jive motions, four hundred voices strong.

Can't you just feel the positive energy?

Sorry for the blurry picture; 
these kids were moving the entire time!

Unfortunately, Primary Focus disbanded last year 
but their tunes still reside in my head and my heart.

This past week, my friend Heather found this for me:

Sure enough, those words came right back and 
I was doing the hand-jive in my head all. week. long!

A powerful message, for sure, taking it from me to we.
I read a great book about that many years ago that'd make a really good PLC 
book study for your school staff:

Click the book cover graphic to go to the website dedicated to the Kielburger's concept; half of all proceeds from their stuff goes to Free The Children.
Nothing can stand in the way of the synergy that WE can generate.

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  1. Love your uplifting posts, Barbara!

    Looks like the Aggies are coming to Missouri... which means you guys need to come visit ME!!


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