Mondays With Mrs. Vaughn

When I was a lot younger, I played the piano. In fact, I took lessons off and on for ten years, from preK through 8th. I remember it like it was yesterday because of the therapeutic benefit it had. I could go in to that piano room and slam the door as mad as a hornet and after some time tickling the ivories (or pounding, as the case may be), I'd come out a new me. Now, baking does that for me. 

This weekend, it was time to tell my youngest child's piano teacher that he wasn't going to be taking lessons anymore.

I went there right before nap time on Saturday afternoon to deliver a thank-you note from Joshua and banana bread from me, but as I sat visiting with Mrs. Vaughn and I thought about how much wisdom, compassion, and love she exudes from her 80-plus years journeying on this earth  (Mitch Albom's book Tuesdays with Morrie come to mind?), I realized I might be there for something more.

I left there with love in my heart, a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies in my hands, and a piano lesson scheduled for Monday after school on her calendar.

Yep, on a whim, I signed up for piano lessons. 
Here she is with Joshua last Christmas; just look at how happy they are!

Anyway, he can't fit the piano lessons and practice into his high school schedule {just like me back in 1975} so I'm going to take his spot and pick up where we both left off. I actually kept this music all of these years ...

Joshua played Spanish Eyes from that book on the left at his last recital. This is him practicing on the same instrument that I learned on. Watch it in full screen for a close-up look at the piano keys that are missing from wear and the intricate woodwork on this beautiful antique masterpiece.

My Mondays with Mrs. Vaughn start this afternoon. 

Oh, and before anyone gets too excited, I won't be performing any time soon. One of the reasons I quit was that since I knew how to play, people kept wanting me to play for them. My hands would shake uncontrollably as I attempted to share my skill. Instead, my purpose is that piano become an outlet again for emotive expression. I can't wait to develop that therapeutic resource again.

My heart is about to burst.
{Wish us both luck!}

What are you go-to self-care resources?


  1. Oh Barbara, what a wonderful opportunity for you! This will be such a great outlet :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Your story sounds like mine. I took lessons from 3rd-12th grade, then again as an adult. Good luck!

  3. I have some of that same music as in the picture. I save all my old music, and I'm almost 51 now.

  4. Barbara, this is wonderful and such great timing for you!! I wish you all the success that goes with it! I have oftentimes thought to re take up drum lessons!! I put a drum app on my iPad do maybe that's a start!! Enjoy enjoy!!

  5. So glad you seized the moment and signed up for those lessons! Something besides Joshua's thank you note and your banana bread led you there. I enjoyed listening to Joshua play Spanish Eyes on the old upright. I learned on one of them and I can still even SMELL that old beauty as I listen to him play! Enjoy your gift to yourself with all of your senses!

  6. I love that you're taking lessons after all this time. I think it's perfect. Next video can be one of your songs. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  7. Well, this is totally awesome! You are one special lady! Have some fun with those lessons!


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