Perpetual Kindness

It's always so refreshing to hear a news story about the kindness of others, especially when there's so much bad news for reporters to find. I especially like the stories where someone simply shares a small kindness but it ripples out and 
makes a huge impact.

Have you seen the story about the social worker who adopts Taylor, a troubled teen who seemed utterly unadoptable?

This week I'm starting a three-week Kindness Challenge with friends at the Kind Spring website starting Wednesday, September 11th. What a nice way to remember and honor those who suffered a devastating loss twelve years ago.
Click {here} for details and to sign up.

I have personally been the recipient Acts of Kindness too numerous to count earlier this year when friends of mine would give me rides to doctor's appointments. One of those friends is on a mission to complete 60 Kind Acts during her 60th year. It's been great fun to track her progress and celebrate success with her. In an ironic twist, she's finding that the gift lies in the giving.

Click {here} for some caring ideas from our friends at 
Character Counts!. 

Maybe it's taking a meal to someone, maybe it's a hand-written note of cheer, maybe it's watering someone's flowers for them while they're away. It doesn't have to be an act of monumental proportions, just something powerful because 
it's kind. 
Maybe it's something as simple as a sweet sweet smile.

How do you show perpetual kindness?


  1. From time to time, when I'm doing a coffee drive thru, I will treat the car behind us. It'll be a total stranger and I'll pay for their food/coffee. My boys will ask, "Mom, do you know the people behind us that you're buying their food for?" I'll respond, "No, I don't know them. I just feel like being extra kind today." I love kindness! I want my boys to know, to experience, and to show kindness one day, too.

    1. A little extra kindness can go a long way! I'd LOVE to be behind you in Starbucks one day! Thanks for stopping by the Corner.

  2. I love those ripple effect things. We never know who we might touch with our actions. I tend to wag my tail a lot and create lots of ripples! Thanks for spreading your heart Ms Gruener!

    1. Hi Rhythm - and MoM person,

      Thanks for stopping by the Corner. I love that ripple effect, too. I'll bet your tail causes more than you'll ever know. I hope to one day experience it in real life!

  3. The social worker who adopted Taylor reminds me of a woman in our school district. She works with troubled kids and end up adopting a boy I had in Grade 1 ... when he was about 16 and had lost his family!! Some people just amaze me:)

    1. There have been many over the years that I'd love to take home. I admire the people who actually do that when the need is there. Thanks, Barb, for stopping by. I'm still in awe of your how you beautified the look at the Corner!


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