Scent-sationally Nostalgic

The other day while we were picking weeds, I said to Joshua, "I smell rain." He laughed and found that to be the funniest thing. "How can you smell rain?" he wanted to know. And guess what? It was really hard to explain what I meant.

Which scent would you say has the most power to take you back somewhere? To me, it might be the smell of pine 'cause it instantly transports me to Camp Luther in Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

Source: Staples Canada
How about for school? Is it a brand-new box of crayons that takes you back? Maybe it's a freshly-opened can of Play-Doh? I used to love the smell of paste. It was so yummy I wanted to eat it! Who else is there with me? Anyone? Anyone? Or maybe it's the mimeo of days gone by. Who wouldn't love to hold a moist, just-off-the-press blueprint in their hands right now?

Staples Canada was interested in school smells, too, so this past June they surveyed 2500 people; click {here} to hear what they had to say about their sense of smell and specific scents that take them back to the schoolhouse. 
Chalk? Erasers? Construction paper?

While you're there, enter your data on the scents 
that take you back to school.

And next time you're in Staples, don't forget an easy button.
My kids love to hear it say, "That was easy!" 
after they problem-solve with me.


  1. The cafeteria smell is the one for me! ummmmm! And we like that easy button!

  2. Mrs. Lohrman, my 2nd grade teacher! She smelled soooooo good. I have no idea what her fragrance was---I'm pretty sure it was a perfume and not just fabric softener. She smelled kind of like Lily of the Valley. And her morning hugs coupled with that made it even better---she was like a soft pillow! THANKS for taking me back.

  3. Whenever I smell a construction site (especially with fresh cement) it takes me right back to Edmonton. I was living there when I was 5 and 6 years old and there was a TON of building going on.
    When I smell daffodils I always think of my dad!


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