Examples Of Empathy

Today I'm excited to be guest posting about ... what else? ... the virtue of empathy ... over at the Creative World of Varya. I hope you'll head that way to check it out after your stop at the Corner.

Yesterday a mom stopped by to tell me that her girls, who like to play school, were putting themselves in the place of me and playing Peace Class with Mrs. Gruener the other day ... how fun is that? ... the older one was me and the kindergartener was covered in bandages ... well that just filled my bucket 'cause who wouldn't love the extension from my Band-Aid Chicken lesson.

Then I got a package in the mail from my friend Jo at Prairie Elementary. It was a copy of Spookley, The Square Pumpkin by Joe Toriano
I first heard about the book when I worked at Jamison Middle School thirteen years ago, but I've never had a copy, until now. 
How would you like to be in Spookley's shoes?

Kind of reminds me of Perfect Square by Michael Hall, just a little.

And of the Huey Lewis and the News song.
Sing it with me:  It's Hip To Be Square.

What examples of empathy have you seen today?

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  1. We had a discussion at school the other day about empathy and putting yourself in someone else's shoes. And what's the difference between sympathy and empathy. Those big human words are over my head. I like to smell people's shoes though.


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