#CharacterSpeaks Podcasting Joy

Today's excitement comes from a bold, scary step out of my techno-comfort zone; our first podcast is now live.

Click the image below to hear Amanda Symmes talk about her passion and prepare to be uplifted and inspired. Don't miss what this edu-hero has to say about relational aggression, mindfulness, and knitting.

We will be posting podcasts weekly, so look for the #CharacterSpeaks logo on the right for a quick link. Better yet, subscribe when you're there so it downloads to your device. And, if you like what you hear, we'd like your feedback and a review.

Our guest next week will be Houston Kraft, co-founder of Character Strong, 
my role model, my really good friend and newest colleague.

This passionate kindness ambassador lives life with intentional joy. You are going to love his contagious energy and insightful take on building relationships and making kindness normal. We recorded yesterday and that episode is in editing as I type. I'm so grateful to have an IT team as my podcast is sponsored by Prosign Design. You might remember their amazing character banners that added color and pizzazz to the halls at my school last year. 

Like with Houston, I met Judy last October at the National Forum, forged a friendship with her, and now we're working and growing together. I've been so blessed to blog for them and now podcast with them. 

Click the image for today's post with six games that can help nurture confidence and self-esteem while you build character strength in your superheroes.

That's a lot of happiness for today, but here's one more thing
which brings us full circle back to my new friend Amanda.
Her second guest post at Free Spirit went live this morning;
click the image below to read what she suggests about 
busting the boredom blues seizing the benefits of boredom. 

Talk about genius.
Happy Tuesday. 
What's bringing you joy today?

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