Be Where Your Feet Are

As mindfulness mantras go, this is one of my favorites.

I spoke about mindfulness yesterday, at the League City Rotary meeting. 
What fun it was to experience mindful eating with them. 
Click the sweet image below for a script.

Now, this mantra is the title of a children's book by Julia Cook.

Click image for more information and/or to order yours today.
And since our friends from NCYI sent multiple copies,
I have one to give away. Listen in to hear Julia talk about her new treasure.

Can't you just feel her excitement?

In this best-selling author's latest brainchild, the story's narrator has a lot going on in life, from band to soccer to his studies. Pretty sure he's rocking multi-tasking, the people around him keep urging him to
be where his feet are,
to be mindful of what's happening in the moment,
to not share his brain's attention with so many things at once.

Here's my favorite page, when the child finally understands,
but then he needs to influence the adults in his life
to get it, too. 

Teach your children well ... as a bonus,
Julia suggests seven concrete ways in the back of the book
to help us be where our feet are.

If you'd like a chance to win a copy of this mindfulness gem, leave a comment below about how you stay in the moment to unwrap the present. We will use a random generator to select a comment by number and post the winner on Tuesday, July 31st after noon, CST. Check back then to see if it's you.

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And don't forget that I have a mindfulness collection {here}.

Until then, I'm unplugging from my devices
and plugging in to my family.

Enjoy the rest of July.


  1. For me, I stay in the moment by actively listening and not adding in distractions duch as music especially in my counseling sessions with students!!

  2. Yay for Julia! I am a go-er and do-er so getting myself to just sit and enjoy the moment doesn't come naturally for me. However, there are beautiful moments when I tell myself to stop and enjoy the present through my 5 senses as I remind myself, there will be a day in the coming year (that is uncomfortable, miserable, "too much") that I will fiercely wish for this moment to be back so I need to stop and enjoy it. I am always glad I did!

  3. I stay in the moment by using the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique and reminding myself to put the phone down when others are talking so I can look at them, listen intently and be fully present.

  4. I would love to share this book with my students!! Her books have such a fun way to share important messages for kids!!! My second graders would love this!!!

  5. I try to practice what I preach. ☺️ Breathing and realizing I have time and supports to help me through are key. This book would be wonderful to share with students!

  6. Staying in the moment is all about being mindful of what is happening around you. Listening intently and truly paying attention to those in your proximity. When you do that- you are present and when you are focused and in the moment those near you know- they trust, they reciprocate and this in turn cultivates mindfulness. For me staying aware and kind means everything.

  7. As a school counselor keeping my mind where my feet are is a daily reminder! Would absolutely love to share this book with my middle schoolers, who seem to be more and more overbooked and overstressed each and every year! Julia, Can’t wait to read another great book! Barbara, thanks for sharing yet another counseling gem with us!

    Counselor Vanessa De Jesus

  8. staying in the moment is so important when dealing with students that have complex needs. however, it is so easy to want to retreat and do other things. would love to share this book with my high schoolers who need some tips and tricks to stay in the moment in a world full of distractions

  9. I keep a daily meditation practice and practice mindfulness regularly. It has helped me enhance those little moments in life. Thank you for sharing! Be well.

  10. I love to spend time laughing with my family.


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