Today I'm excited because comment #7 of the ten comments 
was chosen as the winner of a copy of Be Where Your Feet Are.

I love giving stuff away.
Congrats, Vanessa, and thanks for being a reader. 
Send me your postal address and I'll send the book your way.

I'm also delighted that our second podcast went live this morning.
Click {here} to hear Houston Kraft talk about his kindness crusade.

Prepare to be wowed by Houston's message about being intentional as we work to make kindness normal as well as what he suspects gets in our way. Pure magic. We received some very kind feedback about the episode on Twitter today. 

So fun to rev people up about going back to school. 

For those of you who have someone special headed to a school with a locker, here's a tutorial for using a combination lock, recorded during a life-coaching session.

Didn't my Jr. High friend do a fantastic job?
It was so interesting to watch his transformation from
I can't do this; it's impossible! to I've got this; want me to help you?

This evening I got to give a keynote at Chara Dance
encouraging the dance and music instructors to . . . 

Be the MAGIC.

Don't just find it.
Don't just make it.
Don't just bring it.
All of those things are external.
BE it.
Internalize it.
Make it your own.
From the inside out.
Decide how that 
and feels.
And then do that.
Because kids deserve it.
And so do parents.
And community stakeholders.
Each and every moment of
each and every day.

How will you be the magic this year?

Happy August.


  1. Oh my goodness. I just noticed you have a podcast!!!! I listen to podcasts ALL the time, so I'll be sure to check yours out.

    I might email you soon to ask how you got it started 'cause I've been thinking of doing one, too.

    Take care!

    1. I'd love to tell you everything I know! So far what I know is that it's a blast. Let me know if you'd like to be a guest on a future episode.

  2. I finally figured out how to get these podcasts onto my mp3 player so I can listen while I run and walk -- PD on the go! I got so many great ideas for lessons this year from this podcast - it was truly the surge of excitement I needed to prepare for another schoolyear! Keep them coming, Barbara!

    1. Yay! Let me know when you're ready to be a #CharacterSpeaks guest, Tanya.


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