Let It Go

Today I'm excited because my daughter Kaitlyn helped me create
 this beautiful brochure to help launch my encore career.

Click {here} to take a closer look
or to print and pass it along
to someone who might be in need of some SEL training.

On Monday, I'll be delivering the luncheon keynote to welcome our district's new employees. Since the event's theme is Broadway and Frozen is now on stage, 
I'll be wearing the Elsa gown from my 2014 keynote in DC

Not only that, but it aligns with my message ~ Be The MAGIC ~ and will also be a talking point because it spotlights the generosity of the people in our community since it was hand sewn as a gift by the mom of one of my students.

I've made these little magnetic cards as a table takeaway ...

it has my newest favorite mantra on it.

Love to teach. Teach to love.

It's even on a t-shirt that's on sale at Mardel this week.

I put that advice on this slide that will launch them into greatness.
I'm praying my message will be a magical welcome to our district.

Speaking of magical, this week's picture book pick has
a special connection with the Frozen ballad.

In this newcomer by Alan C. Fox
young Benji wants a kite more than anything.
A big orange one.
The really expensive kind.
So he helps his mom in the garden to earn the money.
Then it's time for the big day, his orange kite's first flight.
And what a dreamy day it was;
it was the day Benji became a kite whisperer.
What happens at the end of that magical moment 
might shock and surprise you,
so we'll leave the kite gracefully floating up high in the sunset sky.
Check out this book to discover its destiny.

And now today's question: What might you need to let go?
Maybe something's getting in your way?
Maybe there's an obstacle that seems impossible to hurdle.
Maybe letting it go would be a beautiful gift,
 because when you let things go, you make room for new stuff.
And it feels liberating to simplify and to start over.
Sing it with me:  Let it go, let it go

And speaking of powerful songs, I'll leave you, dear reader, with the new 
Jason Mraz song along with my wish that your wildest dreams come true.

Work hard and dream big.

Do you have a mantra for this school year?

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