Books, Crafts and Kids In The Kitchen

Who doesn't love the combo deal of a 
good book and good sale? 

Today I'm excited because Vivian Kirkfield's Show Me How! is available for a short time for $10.00. That's a holiday steal! Are you a parent, grandparent, teacher, childcare worker, aunt, uncle, guardian, older sibling, or kid person of some other kind? Then this book has something for you. With reviews of 100 classic picture books and a craft and recipe to go along with each story, Vivian's book has a recipe for success to connect with the children in your lives. Click the graphic to go shopping at Amazon to get your copy now!

Just for fun, I decided to try Vivian's formula:

We love the Amy Krouse Rosenthal sweet series about cookies. They're basically just written (and beautifully illustrated!) using character words and phrases that have to do with baking cookies. 
The holiday version is called Christmas Cookies: Bite-Size Holiday Lessons and it's scrumptious!

You know where this is going, right? 

We make our Sour Cream Sugar Cookie cut-outs every December.
 They always turn out so pretty. Get the recipe {here}.

And for a craft, we could use the cookie cutter to trace
an ornament onto card stock and decorate, personalize, and fancify it to use as a plate topper when we give our cookies away.
Ooooo, I might be on to something.

Thank you, Vivian, for your passion 
and this awesome resource.


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  2. Lovely post for Vivian! I plan to order a copy. It is quite popular at my libary.

  3. What an awesome surprise was waiting for me this morning...a link to this fantastic post!

    Thank you so much, dear Barbara...that is kind of you to shout-out the Holiday sale of my book! And thank you also, for ordering a copy of the book...I included a bonus gift...a handmade fabric bookmark. You should receive the book by Friday...I sent it Priority.:)

    It looks like you and your family had a super time with the Show Me How's worked every time for me. I love the recipe and craft idea...when I write the next book in the Positive Parental Participation series, I'll have to connect with you for some great craft and cooking ideas.:)

  4. Ms Kirkfield's book is really awesome. Every house should have one! Thanks for sharing your cookie time. We have a cookie bake every year at this house. All the family kids come and make a big mess that I get to help clean up. A fun time for all!


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