Giving Tuesday Ideas

How will you give today?
Need an easy, festive idea? 
From a cyberfriend up north:

In the summer of 2012, residents of The Moorings of Arlington Heights shared their encouragement and stories of the acts of kindness they were performing for each other. That winter, we organized a holiday card drive for them. I have to say - if you know me you know I'm a very optimistic person with a very positive view of humanity and still you all exceeded my expectations. Over 400 cards arrived from around the world along with letters, postcards, family photos, and even videos of people singing holiday songs. They saw cards from as far away as New Zealand and from places as exotic as a castle! Classrooms full of children made cards of their own. As the cards started rolling in we got almost daily updates from the residents telling about that day's arrivals.

A holiday card drive is an excellent illustration of the power of a small act multiplied over hundreds. The act of writing and sending a card is simple - it takes only a minute. And yet it so meaningful to those on the receiving end - especially when multiplied hundreds of times over.

So this year, help me make this an even bigger year. I'd like to see at least a thousand cards arrive. When you're writing out your cards this year, make up another one for the residents at the address below. The residents loved seeing photos and hearing stories of your families also so if you have photos or stories, please share away. And please tell your friends about this opportunity and invite them to participate.

Cards can be sent to:

Geri Wozniak
c/o The Moorings of Arlington Hts
761 Old Barn Lane
Arlington Hts, Il 60005

Or, consider making a donation to a favorite charity.

Mine include:

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

Camp Lone Star

Character Education Partnership

Heifer International

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